London Wifi internet Hire

Access the internet while in the United kingdom
Plus FREE Delivery

How the service works

You hire the device by placing an order through our internet rental page and pay online through the secure payment system. We would deliver wireless internet package to your accommodation (if you are staying in a hotel, the internet device package would be reserved under your name at the reception of your hotel). You then post the device back to us at the end of your rental period. Have any question? Please contact us

Hire the Mifi Device

Place your order our website. We deliver the device to ANY address in London for FREE (We can deliver anywhere else in the U.K if required).

Lunch into the internet

Switch-on the mifi device, witch on your gadget (Example: Laptop, Smartphone, tablet) and connect to the mifi device through WiFi, just like a wifi hotspot. That's you can now access the internet through your connected gadget

Post the device back

At the end of your hire (Before you fly back home), you can post the device back to us with the use of a FREE return postage envelope which would be included in your package. Yes FREE return also!

Access the internet throughout the United Kingdom

The rented wifi internet device would allow you to access the internet throughout the U.K from any of your wifi enabled devices.

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Rent a Wifi intertnet access device now, get it delivered free to your London accommodation, access the internet arount the United Kingdom.PLUS Free Delivery & Free Return postage.

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